How to get cute free stickers!


Today I am going to show you guys a couple different sites that you can get free stickers from! I am only going to go through a couple but if you want a complete list of places to email or sign up click here.  These stickers are great for anything including water bottles, journals, or phone cases! So if you want to order stickers by email, just email the company and say that you really like their company and would like to represent them by using one of their stickers! Also include your name, what you are going to use the sticker for, and your address. Some companies, Patagonia for example, will send you a sticker request form and once you fill that out, then they will send you a sticker. Other companies just send you the sticker straight away! Here are some companies you can email!

Vineyard Vines-  [note; Vinyard Vines sells their stickers online for $5 for a pack of 5 stickers, but if you email them, they will send you one for free!]


Arizona Tea-

Peter Millar-

Southern Fried Cotton-


For many companies, all you have to do is sign up to receive free stickers! Here is a couple of links for those!


Marley Lily

Southern Marsh


Over Under

The North Face


Otter Box




Southern Shirt















9 thoughts on “How to get cute free stickers!

  1. Have you found any more sites to find free stickers? I emailed Patagonia and some are in the mail, I’m so excited! Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you got some stickers! I’m planning on writing a second part to this, so check back again later this summer!

    1. Just something nice and to the point, like ” I really love your company and I would love to show off your brand with one of your brand stickers!” then tell them what you would do with your sticker and where you would put it. Good luck!

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