bareMinerals Product Review

bareminarelaI have used bareMinerals for over a year now. It all started when my mom went to Sephora and purchased a product from bare minerals. She ended up not liking it (she said it wasn’t good for older skin) so it fell into my hands. I have been loving it ever since. It’s very good for your skin because it contains minerals (hence the name, bareMinerals!)Right now  I have 8 bareMinerals products, and 3 of their brushes.




                                                                        Mineral Foundation


This is my all-time favorite foundation. I actually didn’t wear foundation very much before I got this because liquid foundation is much too heavy for me. This foundation feels very light on my skin but it still has good coverage. It looks very natural and doesn’t look cakey at all. It also blends SO easily! I love wearing this in the summer because it is very light, and feels weightless. It also contains SPF 15 so it protects your skin. I have different colors of their foundation. The first one is ‘golden medium’ and I wear this one during the summer when my skin is a bit darker. During the winter, when my skin is lighter, the color I wear is ‘light.’ Both of these are a size medium. Another reason I love bareMinerals is because their products last for so long! One 2g pot of their foundation lasts 10 months for me!

I love this foundation and I suggest it for anyone looking for a natural glow to their skin.


“Warmth”  Bronzer

I absolutely love this bronzer! It blends easier than any bronzer I’ve ever used and it is extremely pigmented; so just one 2g pot has lasted me a year and a half and I am not even halfway done with it yet!

Mineral Veil


This is fabulous for all skin types! It’s meant to put on after you do your foundation, to help set it and make it last longer, but it is also great to put on before your foundation if you have oily skin! I personally love, love, love this! As you can see in the picture I am running low, but I will definitely be repurchasing this before school starts!



DSC_0167Ehhh I am not as excited about this as I am about bareMinerals’ other products. It is a good under eye concealer because it is so soft, but I don’t think it blends easily. I have the color ‘light 1’ which is the lightest shade they had, but it is still too dark for me… maybe once I get a tan it will work better for me.

Prime Time

DSC_0174This is another ehh product.  I don’t really pay attention to how long my foundation lasts the day I wear it so this might actually be a great product. I do wear it if I am going to a party or another big event that I want my makeup to last for quite awhile, but most of the time I just moisturize my face before putting my foundation on.

Liner Shadow




So there is really no point in writing a review about these liners and brushes because bareMinerals doesn’t sell this set anymore. Sigh. They do still sell the liner shadows, but not in these colors and they don’t come in this set with a nifty magnetic brush set. That being said, I think these liners were incredible. They don’t go on very well dry, but if you wet the eyeliner brush before dipping it in the pot it works very well. The colors I have are minx and sable. I really liked sable because it worked as a very good eyeliner but it was also an amazing, natural  eye shadow. The good thing is that their liner shadows are very pigmented so these will hopefully last me another year.



And I saved the best for last. bareMinerals’ brushes.

The “Full Flawless Face Brush”- this brush is SO AMAZING! It blends super well, and gives a beautiful airbrushed finish. It gives amazing coverage and I don’t use anything else when applying my foundation.

The “Flawless Face Brush” – the same thing as the full flawless face brush except a bit smaller. The “Full” brush can also be a bit scratchy, but this one is a lot softer.

The “Max Coverage Concealer Brush” – This brush IS MY LIFE! I literally have no idea what I would do if I didn’t have this brush. The bristles are compact, which helps the over all coverage so much. It’s smooth, soft, and just wonderful on the skin. It works well with cream, liquids, and mineral concealers! It gives a flawless and uniform application and doesn’t make the product look cakey. It washes very well, and holds its shape after washing. My friend actually uses this for her eye shadow also! Overall, it is a fantastic and very good quality item, and I highly recommend this!

So that’s it for my bareMinerals review! I have heard that their blushes are very good too so I might try one of those out and write a review for it later! If you want to check out their website, then click here. Thank you so much for reading! – Skyler

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