Hand-Lettered Coloring Sheet





I honestly love coloring. I haven’t colored in a while, but whenever my little nieces come over I like to use that as an excuse to whip out our coloring books and use crayons to fill in our pictures. So when I saw this hand-lettered bible verse coloring sheet printable on Pinterest I was very excited. I really love hand-lettered things and calligraphy but I never have enough patience or skill to actually be able to do it. With this coloring sheet you just fill in the lines with pen and it looks like you actually wrote it yourself!

I tried to fill in the letters with a Sharpie at first, but that didn’t work because it bled outside the lines.  So, I restarted with a black ink pen and that looked a lot better! I used crayons to fill in the flowers.  I turned on some music and just colored for about an hour- it was really relaxing and now I have a great piece of art for my room!


Download the coloring page HERE


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