DIY Dog Bed- No Sewing!

DIY dog bed cover

Have you ever made a blanket with two pieces of fleece? The concept is the same for this dog bed. With the summer rolling around, I’ve been finding different fun crafts that are easy, but keep me occupied for a while. This was an insanely easy little craft that is really fun to make, and you can also personalize it however you want! You can make it to match your room, or just pick out a fun little doggy pattern like I did! You could even make a little one for your cat if you want! Keep reading to see how I to make it!

Step 1


Lay out your fabric. Make sure you get enough fabric that your dog can sit comfortably on- and then some- because you will be cutting the edges.

Step 2


Go around the edge of your fabric and cut through both layers to make a fringe.

Step 3


Tie the top layer and bottom layer into a knot and repeat for one side. After one side is done, you can fluff up the bed by using old blankets or pillows. Then knot the rest of the bed.



Aaaaaaand that’s all! If you make this for your dog or cat please comment or tag @skye.gill on instagram! Thanks for reading! -Skye



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