Bullet Journal Supplies

I just found out about this journaling idea from Pinterest, but bullet journaling has been popular since 2014 apparently. Bullet journaling was created by Ryder Carroll, and he made this into a sensation. A bullet journal is like a mix between a to-do list, a planner, and a diary sort of. It’s hard to explain so this post is going to be more about the supplies I got to start, than a tutorial on how to start one! If you would like to learn more about what it is, then I suggest looking here or here. So with that all said here is what I got to start my own bullet journal!

So first, the journal. This one was the most highly recommended one that I saw because it comes with dotted pages so it makes writing much easier, the pages are already numbered, and it comes with an index in the front which is really neat. I got this journal off amazon and you can check it out here. Another highly recommended option is a moleskin journal with dotted pages, and those are a little cheaper, but you have to hand number all the pages and create an index yourself.


I needed to get some highlighters and pens for school anyways, so I thought I would get some nice stationary that would work for taking notes in class, but also not bleed through my bullet journal pages.  I snatched the highlighters in the first picture off amazon here. Everybody needs to have one nice black pen so I got this one, which was on sale at michals. I got the blue felt brush pen from Michaels as well. The pens in the last picture I got at hobby lobby for $10 and I used the 40% off hobby lobby coupon on them.

This cool stencil is from Michaels  and I used the michals 40% coupon on it. You can order it from amazon here.  It was the perfect size to fit in the pocket of my Leuchtturm which was nice!

Those were all of the supplies I got to start up my bullet journal! I hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂 skye

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